Frequently Asked Questions

What does KiwiHost stand for?
KiwiHost is committed to raising the level of customer service provided by all New Zealand organisations so the experience offered to their customers will always exceed expectations.
Are KiwiHost programmes linked?
Yes. KiwiHost has a range of co-ordinated programmes providing progressive steps in both customer service training and the management of the customer service process.
Are KiwiHost programmes New Zealand oriented?
Yes. KiwiHost programmes are developed in New Zealand for New Zealanders.
How many people have participated in KiwiHost programmes?
Over 200,000 New Zealanders and 30,000 organisations have participated in KiwiHost workshops since 1991 - because KiwiHost works.
Who should attend KiwiHost programmes?
Anyone was has customer contact, either face to face or by telephone. The programmes teach valuable skills and provide individuals with a range of practical tools.

Internal relationships benefit too - a happy team is a winning team.
Are KiwiHost programmes linked to NZQA standards?
In some cases yes. However, you should discuss this with your local KiwiHost representative who will explain fully how KiwiHost programmes can earn NZQA credits.
Will I get individual instruction?
KiwiHost programmes are designed to encourage active participation through the use of interactive techniques. Numbers are strictly limited to maximise the benefits that each participant receives from the workshop.
Are the KiwiHost instructors qualified?
Each programme is delivered by an accredited KiwiHost facilitator. Regular assessment ensures that a consistently high standard of delivery is maintained throughout New Zealand.
Are internal Customer Relationships addressed?
Most KiwiHost workshops include material about the relevance of the "internal customer" and provide skills to help participants work with others in their organisation.