“Yes, Thanks! I’ll Take It”

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Short Description High-value selling is a consultative process, where knowledge, recognition of needs and explanation of benefits all lead to a successful outcome. This workshop gives participants those tools.
Duration 1 Day
Who Should Attend Retail salespeople who are principally involved in high-ticket consumer items where the sale is a consultative process.
Pre-requisites There are no pre-requisites for this programme.
Key Subject Areas
  • Identify why customers patronise a particular store and what they expect in the way of service.
  • Selling is a service.
  • Review the six steps of selling.
  • Why do people buy?
  • The difference between features, advantages and benefits.
  • Linking product knowledge to benefits.
  • Personal strategies for sales performance improvement.
  • How to close the sale and what’s the next step?
  • The importance of follow up and keeping in touch.
Learning Outcomes This workshop will enable the participant to
  • Have an understanding of what customers expect from salespeople.
  • Understand the importance of first impressions and know appropriate ways to meet and greet.
  • Recognise the importance of product knowledge and will be able to distinguish between features, advantages and benefits.
  • Be able to link benefits to needs, remove doubts and barriers and uncover additional opportunities.
  • Know how to listen actively, question and be able to close.
Certification Following successful completion of the KiwiHost Yes, Thanks! I'll Take It workshop, participants will receive an internationally recognised KiwiHost certificate.
Materials Supplied Each participant will receive a 53 page workbook, a Memory Jogger and 164 page text book.
Presentation Method Facilitator-led with highly interactive material, including video examples, exercises and discussion.
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