Phone Sales Through Service

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Short Description Calls into the organisation are often requests for advice. This workshop assists people with recognising the business opportunity and influencing the caller into placing business with you.
Duration 1/2 Day
Who Should Attend Those who respond to telephone calls from either customers or prospective customers and are in a position to influence the caller to place business with the organisation.
Pre-requisites Participants must have attended a KiwiHost Professional Telephone Skills workshop.
Key Subject Areas
  • Introduction of and how to use the ‘Heart Model’ and the ‘Questioning-Listening-Confirming Model’.
  • How to identify key points of the caller’s request.
  • How to review the call and confirm caller ideas and needs.
  • Techniques for questioning to go beyond the original request and uncover additional opportunities.
  • The difference between features and benefits and how to clearly explain the benefits of a product or service.
  • Techniques for closing.
Learning Outcomes This workshop will enable the participant to
  • identify key aspects of the caller’s request and confirm their ideas and/or needs.
  • be able to review the call to ensure full understanding of the call by both parties.
  • be able to clearly explain the benefits of a product or service and confirm the caller is satisfied with the solution.
  • know how to extend the call beyond the original request and uncover additional opportunities.
  • understand how to close the call and the sale.
Certification Following successful completion of the KiwiHost Phone Sales Through Service workshop, participants will receive an internationally recognised KiwiHost certificate.
Materials Supplied Each participant will receive a 40 page workbook and a Memory Jogger.
Presentation Method Facilitator-led with highly interactive material, including video examples, exercises and discussion.
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