Inhouse Workshops

All KiwiHost workshops are available to be delivered privately to your company in-house at a time and date to suit. The benefits of this are:

  • Tailored Delivery - Topics can be directly related to your individual business situations showing true 'real life' application of the skills learnt.
  • Familiar environments - Often help participants relax and get more out of the workshops.
  • Team Building - Having a good mix of participants from within the organisation enforces there is total company commitment to training and development, building a more positive working environment. This also provides a greater understanding of each individual's role within your organisation.
  • Confidential - You have the ability to discuss company topic / issues in confidence.
  • Cost Effective - Training the entire organisation or just those that require the specific skills.

Customised Training

Whilst all KiwiHost in-house training is tailored to the objectives and participants on a workshop through the facilitators knowledge of the content, you may want the programme to be fully aligned to your organisations environment.

In order to achieve this for your organisation, any in-house training delivered can be fully customised. This provides you with the flexibility to alter any elements around programme content and structure, while providing you the freedom to introduce new training elements.

The customised elements can include exercises or examples, terminology, branding and colour schemes and even alter course content.  The choice is yours.

Customisation requires a full scoping of the project to be undertaken, before any pricing can be established.