Steel & Tube

Steel & Tube have a proud history of providing steel solutions throughout New Zealand for over 60 years. Read how KiwiHost have worked with them during the global pandemic to ensure their service levels stayed at the top. Read full article.


Gasoline Alley Services Ltd (GAS) has over 120 sites across New Zealand.  KiwiHost has been working with GAS to provide customer service training to network of sites for the last two years. Read how we've worked to ensure even the most remote sites can gain valuable training for their owners and staff. Read full article.


Fletcher Building

Fletcher Building employ over 10,000 people in almost every region of the country and each year employ between 50 - 100 graduates across the company. Read how KiwiHost is involved in the graduate development programme to help provide commercial acumen training for those graduates. Read full article.


Stirling Sports

Stirling Sports are a nationwide franchised network of sports stores that has been in the market for 50 years. As part of their staff education, product evenings are held with each of the major brands sold through the stores. KiwiHost were invited to attend the latest round of product evenings to provide sales training to the bulk of their branch network. Read full article


Environment Canterbury

Environment Canterbury is the regional council working with the people of Canterbury to manage the region’s air, water and land. They are committed to the sustainable management of the environment while promoting the region’s economic, social and cultural well-being. Read how KiwiHost has worked with ECan over the last three years to implement a fully customised service excellence programme. Read full article


Kiwicare Preschool

Kiwicare Pre School provides care and education to more than 1000 children across Auckland. Their centres are in Avondale, Mangere and two in Papatoetoe, with some of the children and teachers being relatively new to New Zealand. Many of the children have experienced more change during their short lives than many adults do in a lifetime. KiwiHost has been working with Kiwicare Preschool since 2001 by providing all of their staff with comprehensive customer service training. Read full article.


Manukau Leisure

Manukau Leisure is a stand-alone business unit within the newly formed Parks, Sport & Recreation Department of Auckland Council. They run and develop all Council owned leisure facilities and programmes in Manukau. They have 400 staff and their facilities attract over 3.5 million visits every year. Learn how KiwiHost has worked with Manukau Leisure over the last 3 years to implement a customised programme to lift all staff's service levels, so they can continue to lead the Auckland leisure market.  Read full article.


Turners Auctions

In late 2007, early 2008 Turners Auctions conducted a countrywide mystery shopping campaign of all the company's 18 branches around the country.  Responses from the mystery shoppers suggested that service needed to be more consistent.  Read how KiwiHost worked with the entire organisation to achieve a consistent level of service at all levels of the organisation and at all our branches. Read full article.


Lexel Systems

Lexel Systems has been in business for 22 years and turns over more than $30 Million a year.  This success has only served as an incentive to keep pushing the bar.  Read how they took the good and looked to make them exceptional.  Read how KiwiHost worked with the entire company to achieve a consistent level of service at each level of the organisation and across all branches. Read full article

Tasman District Council

Coping with Civil Defence Emergencies, calls from ratepayers who want to know what’s on at the movies and some other types of calls it wouldn’t be appropriate to mention, are just some examples that Tasman District Council customer services staff have to deal with. Read how KiwiHost was able to assist them in maintaining their very high standards.  Read full article