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Welcome to KiwiHost

KiwiHost are New Zealand’s premier service training network with a solid pedigree of providing training to enhance local businesses and help improve their operations and foster success. We deliver training with a smile – at every level from senior management to front-of-house, from customer relations managers to sales agents, virtually anyone and everyone within your organisation who has customer contact.

Over a quarter of a million New Zealanders have participated in our highly regarded, professional workshops since 1990. Our programmes teach valuable skills and provide individuals with a range of practical, well proven tools. And they encourage team building too. It’s nothing less than you’d expect from an internationally recognised, long standing training provider.

Quote of the Day

The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.
Sam Walton (1919 – 1992)
Founder & Chairman of Wal-Mart

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News & Updates

  • 12 June 2019
    STOP THE CUSTOMER CHURN! In order to help you reduce customer churn KiwiHost has developed a list of the top ten things to do to deliver excellent customer service and put them into a one-page downloadable to share with your organisation.
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  • 31 March 2019
    2017 Annual Customer Service Survey
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  • 15 February 2019
    WIN MORE KEEP MORE 2019 KiwiHost has joined forces with Attain NZ to bring you the most up to date information and tactics on winning & keeping your clients in today’s modern working environment. Learn from some of New Zealand’s most in demand presenters.
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